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Hello Richard and Michelle,

First of all let me tell you “Thank You” for
providing such a top notch dog.  It has
been a pleasure to do business with both
of you.  Michelle you are such a world of
knowledge and comfort just knowing I
could get guidance from you at any time on
the raising, feeding, breeding, shots and
you name it.  I have not had to call yet,
however, never say never.  

In the short time we have had Roxy she has
been such a delight.  We have truly fallen in
love with her.  Roxy is so funny.  Not a day
goes by that we have not laughed at some
of the crazy stuff she does.  At 10 wks.
tomorrow, she is already weighing 25lbs.
and getting taller every day.  She loves to
play with ice cubes and chase them all
around the kitchen floor.  She LOVES the
water.  We bought her a swimming pool and
she dives in head first.  She has even been
known to join us in the shower (great way
to give her a bath by the way).  She loves
toys.  I have never seen a dog play with
toys the way Roxy does.  She is most
interested in the cats.  The cats will not
have much to do with her but she loves
them.  She only wants to play but they swat
at her.  She does not even chase the deer
as they wonder in and out of our yard.  Roxy
enjoys being outside most.  She loves
everything about the outdoors.  She even
plays basketball!  Roxy is so smart.  We
have tried to restrict her access of the
house until she is fully potty trained
however, she is already CLIMBIING the pet
gates.  If she wants to get somewhere or
something she figures out a way to do it.  
She is totally amazing!  By the way, she had
ended up sleeping in bed with us at night!  I
would not have it any other way!  She loves
to cuddle.   I will send more when I can.  
Have a wonderful evening.  

Just wanted to drop
you a line. Bexley is
adjusting well and has
already mastered sit
and down! I have also
attatched a picture of
Bexley and Daddy Will
keep in touch. Krisha
I just purchased my Boerboel and
picked him on Friday from Texas
and I love him to death I couldn't
smart and he already has the basic
commands as far as sit, stay, no,. I
have been training my dog and
German as far as commands. It is
important that you talk to a few
breeders and find one that you are
most comfortable with. I
purchased my puppy from
Olympus Boerboels and they are
the best by far. I flew out to Texas
to meet the breeder and his wife
and got to see the kennels and the
dogs and they are magnificant. I
highly advice that you meet the
breeder face to face and see the
condition of the environment from
where you are purchasing your
Hi Richard;
I just wanted to send you guys a quick note to let you know that
hard for her, she kept looking for Mama.  She seems really
happy now, though.  She's far more beautiful than her pictures.  
I love her face, and the way she's marked.  I attached a pic for
you, of her "playing" in the yard.  She's very serious and
assertive for one so young.  Just wanted you guys to know
she's more than wonderful.  I thank you.  Hope all is well.  Will
update again soon.  Sincerely, Tonia  (Oregon)
Hi Richard and Michelle,

Alan and Karen here.  Although we’ve had "Mooi" (Moy’-e) less than a
week, we just had to write and tell you how much we all love her!

She has adapted so quickly to her totally new environment.  She is
just beautiful and has a feisty little personality to match.  After a
thorough examination the vet told us that she is in excellent health.  
He also stated that whoever raised her to this point was really good
with her.  She is sooo sweet, loving and playful.  She is also very
smart, even tempered and stable.  We could go on and on about her,
and that’s after being with her just a short time now.  Well, we’d
better save all the rest of the good stuff for another letter.

We just wanted to say thank you for all the good work you both put
into raising true Boerboels and for a truly beautiful puppy!  We are so
happy to have her!

Warmest regards,  Alan & Karen  (TENNESSEE)
Richard & Michelle,

Wallace is doing great and growing like a
weed.  We have had him checked by a
local vet who sees quite a few large breed
dogs, though no was recommended to us
by our Wallace is doing great and friends
with a Great Dane.  We socialization class
beginning friend who runs the local
Invisible Fence company next Wednesday
as well.  Wally is going to begin
"schooling"!  We plan to use the invisible
fence so that he can have the run of our
big yard, we have an acre and a half but it
ends in a pond and I don't want him
roaming, getting into the street or trouble
or the pond!   I have come to realize that
he likes water, when I'm outside hosing
things down, he tries to play in it.  He also
loves to terrorize his older sibling, our Pug,
Precious.  He loves to play "stalk the
prey....pounce" with her which she finds
highly annoying.  He loves all things
chewable and is a good boy at night.  We
have him confined to our
kitchen/bath/laundryroom/sunroom area
right now (all hard floors) with baby gates
while we get him trained.  He's about (or
should I say we are) 90% potty trained as
long was we stick to his schedule.  
Kenneling is going okay, he does fine at
night but isn't thrilled about going in there
during the day, he'd rather just lay on the
hard floors or carpet under the kitchen
table.  I sent you a picassa web album of
pictures for you to enjoy.  Hope you won't
get tired of updates, I enjoy talking about
him.  Oh yeah, he rides around all over
the place in the car with us.  We take him
to and from school, swim lessons
anywhere we can.  He's doing great!

Take Care!   Jill
Richard and Michelle,
Just wanted to let you know
that Peanut is a wonderful
much. She is very attentive
and very intelligent. She has
already learned to sit and lie
down on command.
Everyone that meets her
loves her!She has an
incredibly sweet
personality!Thank you so
much for raising such
adorable and wonderful dogs!
Mike and Heidi

New Jersey