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Hi Richard and Michelle,
Ripley is the most
wonderful dog. She is so
well behaved and
socialized. She was
perfect on the ride home
from the airport. She
slept all night and didn't
cry even once. She has
gained 4 pounds. She is
eating natural raw
organic food. She is so
smart. She goes to the
door to go outside
already. She can sit,
shake, lay down, speak.
She greets everyone
smiling from head to toe.
We are so happy! You
guys are the best! She is
just unbelievable, and she
is so beautiful. Thanks
Toni, Chuck, and Ripley
Hey Richard and Michelle,
I know you must be very proud of all your pups!  I can’t say enough great things about you
both and what wonderful dogs you breed!  Calusa is such an easy puppy to take care of and
everything is going great with her. She is too funny,  she understands so much it amazes me!  
She hears me getting her food and she runs to her crate and sits in it before I am even
finished!   she loves to cuddle!  She lays in bed with me with her head on my shoulder and
neck in my neck!  Okay, I talk to you both soon!
Stacy and Tony, Florida
We just wanted to thank you again.  Boss is very lovable. He
is adjusting well.  Our son is very happy. He's healthy and
growing like a weed.  We've attached a few pictures.  He had a
doctor's visit last Friday and he was 22.8 pounds.

Kasey and Felton, Washington
playing, they're sleeping.  
Rafiki has not had a problem
with any dog he's been  their
dogs over and he's been
doing great.  He stays up
under my feet when I'm
home.  Doesn't like for me  
to leave him in another
room.  Can't tell you how
many near falls  we've had.  
:)  He's been doing well with
the housebreaking.  Already
understands sit and knows to
go to his crate for feeding.  
He is already trained to sit at
the back of the crate and wait
for his food  to be placed in
his dish.  We're still working
on lay and down, but he's a
fast learner and I don't
expect it to be much longer.  
He's a wonderful addition to
the family.  He's loved by all
who meet him.   I'll continue
to let you know how he's
doing and send you pictures.
Take care,
Sarah, Texas