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"Kacey is a great girl and I want to thank you for breeding such quality dogs.  I don't think that I
will ever have another breed.  I wish I had a bigger house so I could have a few more."

UPDATE: I can't believe that it's been over a year now since we got Kacey.  She is doing great
and growing beautifully!  She is follows the kids around everywhere.  by, extremely protective
when she is with the kids. Only myself, my husband and the parent can approach the children
when they are playing out in the yard.
Recently my neighbors 4 year old wandered off and he
was missing for about an hour, she has such a good sniffer on her that she tracked him down
across the road in really swampy ground about 1/2 mile from home. :( Maybe it was all those
cookies he shares with her. :)
 She is an amazing dog and we are so glad that she could help
us.  Currently she is about 115 lbs and taller than Max.
"Hi Richard. It is nice to hear
from you. I've been meaning to
for and more. She is great with
the kids, the cat, our boxer, and
our friends. She does however
regard strangers and has taught
our boxer not to welcome just
anyone. I feel as if she is our
guardian angle. I do love this
dog. She is has taught our boxer
not to welcome just anyone. I
feel as if trained and hmmm... I
guess I could go on and on. lol,

Hey Richard, Mugsy is doing
great. What a big lug. Mugz is a
big, beautiful, sweet girl. She is
so good to our kids and so
responsive to training. I enjoy
telling everyone that she seemed
to come trained. I love the way
she just "knows" whats going
on with the world and always
looks to us. It is easy to forget
our 120lb girl is only a year and a
half.I will get some new pictures
off to you soon. Hope all is well
with you.
13 Weeks
Topanga's still doing great.  She's just
sprung up very rapidly.She’s
hilarious to watch.  We’ve never had
running/hopping, her tiger pounce,
and her bulldog reminiscent stance
She’s a real hunter too.  Something
catches her eye, she locks in, and
she’s hard to dissuade.  Lots of fun.

Everyone that sees her knows that
she is mastiff, though they don’t
necessarily know boerboel. They
think that she’s just the perfect
specimen.  I’ve just never heard the
word “perfect” used so much on a
dog as with her by different people.

Jeremy, Florida
Rafiki is about 70 been doing great.  He
is currently going through He's doing
well with the training.  We've been
working on several and he took to it
without any difficulty.  He's learning sit,
lay, stand, Rafiki is about 70 stay, come,
leave it, and loves the attention. I have
found that if I I have found that if I
follow.  will sit at the follow.  will sit at
the door until I come back door until I
come back out. Rafiki walks very well on
and off a leash.  We are able to let him
off the leash around my mother's
(secluded out in the woods) and work
with him there.  He loves his chew
bones and loves to play tug with
anything you allow him.  Everyone asks
about him and what type of breed he is.  
Of course, we always answer all their
questions and point them in your
direction.  He is a wonderful addition to
our family.  I can't imagine having any
other puppy.  He is a pure joy.
Take care, Sarah
Hello Richard and Michelle,
Just another quick note to let you know that
Shango has really adjusted to her new home
very nicely.  She is so loving and gets
excited with every
new person she meets. She is also getting
along fairly well with Sage, who Shango is a
chase each other around the house. She is
learning every day. YEAAA!!
Hello! Just some pics of Zuri.  She is doing great!  
She is so smart, I Her health is fine, no problems.
Otherwise we are great.  I may call you soon to see
experience.   Thanks, Melissa
Aslan and Rahab is exactly one
year to day April 27, 2012. They
were about 20 lbs the day we
picked them up from the airport
June 23, 2011. To day they are
both about 108 lbs ;) It has been
an absolute joy! It took Having
brother and sister have saved a
both about 108 lbs ;) It has been
Training for the most part has an
absolute joy! It took Having been
a blast ;) Training two brother
and sister have saved a lot of
house accidents we think. the
most part a joy and looking at the
result we have to day, we
couldn't be more proud. We still
have a long ways to go but we
are Aslan and Rahab is exactly
looking forward to it. We one
year to day April 27, are both
absolutely in love 2012. They
were about 20 with this breed.
We can not about a week and a
half to you state you breed
classic Boerboels and you breed
for temperament. We can only
say you are right. We also want
to thank Gidget and Mars for
breeding such perfect puppies for
us. We want to thank you for
being part of the Mt. Olympus
Boerboel family ;)

Mie and David
Hi Richard- so here she is..
All grown up. Just over two
years now. Bella is the best
dog ever! Goes with me to
work everyday. Keeps watch
over my truck when I go to the
store..nobody will ever try to
steal anything when she's in
there. We just have so much
fun with her, can't imagine
how it would be without her.
Thanks for the great addition
to our family.

Hope you, Michelle and babies are
doing well!  I want to send you
Sansan photos.   She is doing well
and deeply loved by our family,
thank you for breeding such a
wonderful dog!

She never leaves me and follows
me everwhere like a guard.  She is
very sweet with small animals and
children.  We took her to the beach
and she loves it!

Best regards

Yeo and Richard