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Exercise is as important for your boerboels as it is for you. Some boerboels are more energetic than others and the amount of exercise you give your
boerboel should be appropriate for the their growth stage. Whatever stage your boerboel is in, they need their daily walks/exercise -
for both physical and mental fitness.

Boerboels that are cooped up and not allowed to run and exercise regularly, become bored and frustrated which can lead to destructive behavior. It is also
important psychologically for them to see what's beyond their boundaries. Dogs "read the news" on pavements to see who has passed that way, and leave
their scent to let other dogs know that they have been there.          

Regular walks keep them up to date with local dog gossip. Walking should be a fun activity, and your boerboel will enjoy it all the more if the collar and leash
are correct. Webbing collars are soft and ideal for pups, while leather or chain may be better for when they are adults.

Playing with your boerboel is another important aspect of exercise, and it builds an excellent relationship between you and your boerboel.
Consider frisbees, pull-ropes, squeaky toys and rawhide chews for you boerboel. This is an excellent way to bond and develop with your Boerboel.  

When you're not around, leave some toys for your boerboel - it's a good idea to rotate their favorites so they don't become bored. Boerboels love chewing
and playing while they are in their teething stage and a chew toy can keep them entertained for hours. I do not recommend rawhides as they tend to try to
swallow large pieces and they become lodged in their throats. I have had to several times pull rawhide out of a Boerboel's throat. As an alternative, we prefer
smoked/bleached cattle bones specifically prepared for dogs. The last and they love the flavor. And we have never had a problem with one yet.

Puppies teeth between the ages of three and six months, and they need to chew on something to help the teeth come through. A puppy isn't a picky chewer
- he doesn't understand whether it's your best shoe or the leg of your antique sofa that he gnaws on. Give him alternatives to use. The toys need to be
durable. We also use plastic bottles for them to chew on. They love to creush them and the noise it makes. And when destroyed, we simply place it in the
recycling container and give them another bottle. 2 liter soda pop and 1 gallon milk jugs are good examples.

Help to avoid destruction by giving your puppy a choice of good,indestructible objects to chew on - a really hard rubber ball (one that's too big for the pup to
swallow and choke on) or a though rubber bone. Help your pup avoid the wrong things by keeping them out of reach. Especially make sure that cleansers,
paint thinners, household chemicals and other harmful substances are safely locked up.


Dogs are descended from wolves and have a strong pack instinct. For their own security and well-being, it is important for boerboels to know where they fit
into the pack hierarchy. You, the owner, needs to be the alpha-dog, leader of the pack. Some dogs are naturally more dominant than others,
and may try to usurp your role; others will see you as alpha-dog.

It is vital to understand your dog and learn how to interact with them properly. Obedience classes are strongly recommended.
Your furry friend will be much more enjoyable companion if you take the time to train him properly.

Food For Thought...

Your puppy depends on you entirely for his nutrition, and on you alone is the responsibility of providing the right food to enable him to grow normally in
strength and beauty. How you feed him during the critical growth years of puppy hood can make or mar him, and your dogs whole future depends on correct
treatment now.

Your dogs nutritional requirements may never be more demanding then when he's a puppy. Therefore, it is essential that you choose a high-quality
meat-protein food that is nutritionally complete and balanced for optimum nutrition during this critical growth stage.

We also highly suggest you find a natural based food, that is from lamb, chicken, bison, or trout protein sources, as a few examples.

When feeding your puppy:

Use a bowl that your pup cannot tip over easily.

Make sure more than one person feeds the puppy to avoid over attachment to only one member of the family.

As a general rule, follow the feeding instructions available on your package of pet food.

Be flexible. Feeding instructions are only guidelines. By nature dogs eat to satisfy their energy needs. The amount of food your puppy needs may vary
according to his age, temperament, environment and activity level.

To avoid bloat and/or stomach torsion,
we feed our Boerboels and they take a nap,
or have quite time after they eat for about an hour.
Everyone has their own opinion here on what works and what does not.

But, again, we have not had one Boerboel lost to torsion following this protocol.


Plenty of fresh water at all times. Boerboels drink alot of water. Have it available.

We are all keen to toilet train our dogs:

It is quite easy to teach a dog not to soil in the house and indicate when he wants to go outside to relieve himself.

Start training your puppy as soon as he arrives at his new home. If you watch your puppy closely, you will soon recognize the signs when he wants
to urinate or defecate, occuring most frequently within ten minutes after waking up and after meals.
Always take him outside to the same, chosen spot at the following times:

First thing in the morning

After each meal

On waking form sleep

After physical exercise (e.g.playing)

When he shows signs that he wishes to go outside

Before going to bed

Always let him walk out with you, rather than carrying him, since this will teach him the route,and he will learn to go to the door when he wants to go outside.
Praise him or her every time your boerboel performs in the required place.

Spend at least five minutes with him or until he has relieved himself. Put some newspaper on the floor, near the door at night. It may initaily help if you use
newspaper which has been used to absorb urine,since the smell would attract him.

Limit his movements during night times in order to ensure that he does not develop habits, such as urinating somewhere in the house where you would not
notice. We use crate training for this purpose.

By keeping his meals at regular times, exercising and playing at the same times daily and taking him outside as described above, your puppy will soon learn
good habits.

Ensure your house is ready for your new boerboel puppy   

Stainless steel food and water dishes

Nylon buckle collar and nylon leash. Id tag with puppy's name and your name, address and telephone number or micro chipped.

Puppy food and treats.

Bed (appropriately sized for your puppy) either for inside its kennel or else where in the home.

Safe toys (both chew and interactive). Basic first-aid kit (thermometer, cotton, bandage, scissors, disinfectant and a small blanket).

Pooper Scooper.


Grooming tools (brush, nail clippers).

Puppy toothbrush and toothpaste.

Your puppy needs a place of his own.

Give him a dog bed inside a pen in a warm , draught-free corner. Your puppy will use this place to rest and sleep and he will feel safe and protected there.
Add some warm, washable bedding (like an old blanket or towel) and your puppy's place is complete.

Respect your puppy's privacy when he's in his special place:
Don't let children bother or tease him.He needs to feel that he's safe when he's in his special place.

Try not to leave him locked there for long periods, and don't banish him to his place when he's been bad.
Doing that will convince him that it's a place of punishment rather than a comforting refuge.

You will be glad you gave your pup his own place when he goes there for his naps or happily snuggles down for the night without whimpering and crying.
And you will know that he's not getting into any mischief, even when you can't be there to watch him.

Again, we use crate training for these above purposes. But you do not have too.We only give you our opinion and what has worked for us.