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Richard & Michelle,

Ken and I wanted to send along an update on how Gus is doing! He is
approaching 5 months old and we are just beyond thrilled with him! As
you can see from the pictures he is a big love bug and one of his
favorite things to do is to snuggle up and hang out with his humans.
His temperament is outstanding and he's unbelievably friendly. We're
amazed with him as it seems like he gets bigger every time we go to
let him out of his kennel in the morning. We rediscovered his love for
empty plastic bottles this past weekend, there is nothing that makes
him more happy than chasing a bottle across the floor, it kind of
makes us wonder why we ever spent a cent on toys for him as the
plastic bottle is clearly his toy of choice! We also wanted to let you
know we were so happy with the Bil Jac brand of food Gus was sent
home with that we started Molly our Weim on their adult large breed
formula and it's doing wonders for her as she tends to have a sensitive
stomach. Our present challenge with Gus is getting him to stop trying
to sneak tennis balls into his kennel with him at night when it's time to
go to bed. It's a challenge because his puppy mouth is so big he can
be holding a tennis ball in his mouth and you can barely see it! Sneaky

Thank you again for everything!
Ken & Erin
Just wanted to give you an update on how Cora is doing.  
She is doing very well and entertains us every day with her
great personality.  The 1st picture in the bunch was taken
about 4 weeks ago.  Cora had her first camping trip to the
beach.  She had so much fun and as you can tell had a
great time playing in the sand.  The other two pictures were
taken just last week.  She is about 42-45lbs right now and
growing bigger by the day.  She already knows how to sit,
stay, wait, lay down, say "please", and shake hands.  It
took her about 2 seconds to learn that I always drop things
when I cook so she is my shadow in the kitchen now.  She
also has a knack for trying to climb into the dishwasher to
help clean the dishes while I am loading it.  We have so
much fun with her and she is a great part of our family.  
Our boys love her so much and play with her all the time.  
Her favorite toys are empty plastic bottles and squeeky
stuffed animals. She is such a great dog and I have lost
count of the number of people who have told us the same
thing.  She  is going to be so much fun to watch as she
continues to grow and learn.  Oh and if we leave a sock out
on the floor she snags it and tries to hide it in her bed to
save for later.  She makes us laugh so much! Thank you
for the perfect dog for our family!!
Richard and Michelle;

Hi, I just want to send you guys a quick update on Hekate.  She is doing very
chest, burrowed her head into my neck and hair for about fifteen minutes, then
perked right up.  She seemed to enjoy the ride home, watching everything, and
exploring her surroundings.

She went for her new puppy exam late Friday afternoon, and was pronounced "
perfect " by the vet.  I'm quite surprised by how very people oriented she is.
She's absolutely the most loving people oriented pup I've ever met.

She's eating well, and doing most of her business outside, we've had three
accidents inside, pretty awesome for three days. She's very funny, she goes all
out for about two to three hours, then climbs onto me and just falls into a dead
sleep.  She's having a great time exploring her new surroundings, and getting
into everything.  She very much loves the wading pool, sticks, rocks- I'm
constantly taking them out of her mouth-, pretty much anything she can get her
mouth on.  She's been sleeping with me every night, and has been comfortable
with that. Usually she gets me up around four to go out, but this morning she
decided two was time to get up, she did not go back to sleep. Goofy.

She's a beautiful little girl, and I'm very happy with her. Wonderful

I also want to express my gratitude that you picked one so very different, in
every way, from Pandora.  It makes it so easy to just love her for who she is,
without feeling like I'm taking anything from the great love I have for Pandora.  
Hekate is the perfect choice.  Thank you both, again, for both wonderful girls.

I wanted to share this with you guys, I'm doing it now so that I
don't forget in my next update.

My sisters four year old. She has autism, and has refused to
have any interaction of any kind with any dog, regardless of
size or age.  Until yesterday.  She went out of her way to pet
and play with Hekate.  Even making eye contact.  It was a
beautiful, and amazing moment.  Brought tears to my eyes.


I wanted to share a quick story with you about how one of the
Boerboels I purchased from Mount Olympus saved my life about a year
or two ago. I had come home from work early with the flu and parked my
car in the garage and got into bed due to fever. About an hour later
which would be about 11am, in the bright of day my front door was
kicked in. I live in a nice neighborhood and all around me is gated
community. I never thought home invason would be a problem I would,
Mogli, my at the time 1.5yr old Boerboel would do if there was ever a
real threat to my life. Well I was about to find out. I opened the door to
yell to the guys who were at this time in my house that I was home and
had a dog I was going to let loose if they did not get out, but before I
could Mogli had already busted out of my hands and was chasing these
guys all around the house growling barking and biting anyone he could
get close to. He chased everyone out of the house, and then stopped at
the front door and came right back into the room to find me. He could
have cared less about the guys once they were out of his/my house, but
did not stop until they were gone. I think about this event most days of
my life, and wonder what may or could have happened without my
buddy there with me. I wanted to thank you for your dedication to this
breed, and let you know that I will forever be grateful to Mount Olympus
for the great dogs you produce. A true life saver in this situation, aside
from being the most loving and caring dog I have ever owned. My
Fiancé and I just decided that we are going to add a second to our
household now as well. And would look no where other than Good ole
Azle Texas, home of Mount Olympus!

Thanks for everything,

Hi Richard and Michelle,

We've got a lot to say about what a great dog Raina is and
what a wonderful addition she has made to our family.

Raina is doing great, she couldn't be better with our daughter
who is 2 and half,and with our newborn son. She has always
seemed to have a second sense when it comes to kids.  She
knows not to play too rough and has always been extremely
gentle with them.  She doesn't like to let our daughter out of
her sight and when she's taking a nap she parks herself right
outside her bedroom door.  She loves her people and always
needs to be close.  She is an extremely loving and
affectionate dog.

Raina has shown herself to be extremely smart and trainable.  
She is excelling in obedience  training and will be competing
by the end of the year.  This dog loves to please and has
exceptional drive.  She tries hard, has the brains and the
desire to really excel.  She has already started to pick up
some of the more advanced exercises and we are working
with her now on the dumb bell.

We have been really lucky to add Raina to our family,  She truly
is an awesome dog who is turning out to be everything we
ever could've hoped for.  Thank you for matching us with her.  
I enclosed some pictures,  one is my favorite with our
daughter reading Good Dog Carl to Raina by the Christmas
Thank you for our great dog.

John, Sara, Catherine, Jack

I wanted to share this with you last week, when we were discussing Hekate
and Gidgette and caretaking Boerboels, it took me minute though.  Hard.

When Pandora was about six months old I developed a life threatening
illness.  It lasted just over three years.  During this time Pandora made it her
mission to be my constant companion and guardian.  In the beginning it was
not so difficult, as I was able to maintain a fairly normal lifestyle, and keep
our schedule more or less on track.  But as my illness progressed I began to
lose parts of myself- complete loss of use of my left arm, confused thinking,
memory loss, sudden loss of consciousness, violent without warning emesis,
difficulty walking, balance issues, etc.  Pandora took it all in stride.  On the
good days she stayed by my side going on long hikes, car rides, trips to the
river, or the beach.  On the bad days she stayed by my side, comforting me
with her presence, she always knew how I was feeling, and responded
accordingly.  On several occasions I lost consciousness while walking with
her.  She stood over me guarding me, barking for help until someone
arrived.  In February of 2011 I had to be hospitalized for an extended
period.  When I returned home I was more or less confined to my bed, and
required Home Health Care.  My sister decided to stay with us, to help care
for me so that Home Health would only need to come in three times a week,
as opposed to several times a day.  Pandora did not know my sister.  The
first night that my sister was here, Pandora and I were lying on the bed, I
was waiting for my sister to come in and change the cartridge on my pic
line, my sister opened the door and entered my room without knocking or
announcing herself, Pandora flew off that bed hitting her in the chest with
both front feet, knocking her into the wall, then flew up hitting her under the
jaw with her head while hitting her in the chest with both front feet knocking
her to the floor, where she stood on her chest until I called her off, and
signaled her back up onto the bed.  My reaction time was slow as I was
heavily medicated, unfortunate.  I put a sign on my door, "Knock before
entering."  She was never pleased with any of the strangers that had to
enter, she would sit about a foot from me at the head of the bed intently on
guard, when it was time for them to go she would walk them to the door,
when the door shut behind them she would sniff, wiggle her butt, and return
to the bed, like okay, they're gone we're good.  As I began to improve
Pandora seemed to sense what my needs were on any given day.  If it was
difficult, she would stay within arms length of me offering balance support,
and comfort.  If it was a good day freedom reigned, she would let her guard
down and enjoy herself, frequently returning to check on me.  As I continued
to improve, she made it possible for me to take back more independence, as
my family trusted her instincts more than they trusted my say so.  They also
trusted her to be my loyal, faithful, guardian regardless of the circumstances,
as did I.  I believe she was the epitome of Boerboel, 100% perfection.

Deep gratitude,
Our Dogs do their Job!!
Mogli Stops Home Invasion
A beautiful day at ours and our Boerboel's home. Behind
the trees is the 3 acre exercise and training field. We love
raising and caring for our Boerboel and our children here.

Django at one year:

Django is my second male boerboel. I was so impressed by the temperament
and protective nature of my first boerboel "eko " I had to get another after Eko
passed from bone cancer at a very young age.
After a year of researching breeders and reading every review I could find, I
contacted olympus Boerboels in Texas. They seemed to have great reviews,
healthy dogs and had invested in a great bloodline. I even went on google earth
to view the facility to make sure this was not a puppy mill. What I found was a
clean breeding faculty built at their home this told me they breed for love of the
breed not quick cash.
We were able to get the dog we wanted a male brindle boerboel with both
parents on site. The sire a black boerboel of good stock and the bitch a large
When I picked Django up at DIA he was 8-weeks and 25lbs. He was a typical
puppy, very cute clumsy and a huge apatite. I could not help but to compare him
with eko. They seemed almost identical until 4 or five months. For one thing the
intelligence and eagerness to please is far superior in Django. Come, sit, stay
and walking on a lease were learned in less than an afternoon. House breaking
him was almost instant. At 4 months I could have him sit while I walk down the
block and out of sight. He would sit until called. Then he would come running, sit
at my feet stare straight at me and wait for the next command. His eye contact is
amazing, he just watches your eyes and tries to anticipate what you want him to
do next.
The most impressive thing with Django is his temperament. He interacts daily
with many different dogs at our local dog park. Our last boerboel had what I
though was a"good" temperament, he would approach a dog confidant with his
tail straight up, attempt to play and most of the time play great with most dogs.
However if a dog would growl or bark he would very aggressively put the dog
down.  As he matured his fuse grew a bit shorter but never bit any dog. With
people he was good except if a person he was not familiar with he would at times
bark at them or even lung if they approached to quickly. After a while I would not
let a person pet him if I did not know them and some dogs that he had met and
scuffled with he would never play nice with again (held a grudge).
Django is very different, he walks in to the park with the same if not more
confidence. Tail straight up. But if a dog large or small growls or barks at Django
he never attacks, he also does not run. Instead he shows no fear and keeps
trying to play. If a dog is very dominant he will place his head near the ground
and just persist with playing. If he is approached by a neurotic barking dog he
just keeps turning away without fighting or engaging. In every case the barking
dog will stop and give in to his desire to play. Even a few overly aggressive dogs
(mostly the little ones) have gone as far as bitting him. His reaction was to stand
his ground and let the dog know who is boss but never fights! People at the dog
park call Django the "therapy dog". As he always get even the worst dogs to
play nice with him. He is so docile yet if you come to my door or property line you
will stop dead in your tracks when Django unleashes his "who is there" bark. He
will hold you at bay until I greet you. Then you will see his ears go back, tail wag
and then all is good.
He also gets along with our 2 large iguanas and small bird.
Django is in my opinion the perfect dog and a perfect example of a boerbole.
Fearless, confident and intelligent with no aggression. He is a powerful healthy
dog that I can trust not just to protect my family and property but I can trust to be
safe with other people and animals. We can not go anywhere with out people
stopping us to tell us how beautiful he is. He seems to know it too.
At almost 1 year old and intact he is still showing the same if not better
temperament. His health is excellent. He is the most well behaved dog I have
owned and I have had to put the least effort in to his training as he can't wait to

Jason in Colorado
Athena is over 3 now and great.
Thought you may like some pictures.   
Thanks again for a amazing dog
Check out  the Video of our buyers and
their Mt. Olympus Boerboel..